Kultura ● Producer, Editor, AC

Kristian Kabuay dives into his latest Baybayin-inspired work that interweaves art, culture, and technology. [DP: Jeremiah Ysip | AP: Mav De Castro]

OTW ● Producer, Director, Editor

San Francisco based actress Victoria Vann Kuja opens up about her journey breaking into the entertainment industry as an Asian American.

Rooted in Unity ● Producer, Director, Editor

Young adults heal transgenerational trauma through art activism and community building alongside an Oakland non-profit known as AYPAL.

Spamsilog ● Producer, Director, Editor

A little late night nomnom for your tumtums.

TAYO News ● Editor


Yellow Light Archives

This photo series reflects on time, space, and movement. It’s about the split-second between stop and go—a dichotomy like yes and no. It’s yellow. And although the color symbolizes an uncertainty, the hope of a maybe still exists. Shot on Kodak Portra 800.

xxmm: dvlpd

In an attempt to resist mainstream media, xxmm: dvlpd showcases Mother Nature’s impact on socio-political awareness. The photo series and accompanying thesis were presented at Project Censored‘s Media Freedom Summit 2.0 conference, where Amyra participated as a panelist and talked about concepts like cultural hegemony and eco-media. (Read the full essay here).


The Other Side

A young man caught between the trap life and redemption must choose his decision wisely before it’s too late.


Masako Miki’s New BAMPFA Exhibit Draws on Japanese Folklore to Spur Connection

Lyrics Born Gets Personal on 10th Record Quite A Life

‘Hella Pinay:’ A Digital Space for Filipinx Voices

A Green Gift Guide: Cannabis gifts for the local connoisseur


Amyra Soriano is a writer and creator whose work has been featured on ABS-CBN, Hella Pinay, and East Bay Express. She is known for raw imagery and thematic messages related to time, culture, and identity. Her passion for storytelling and go-getter attitude allows her to tackle each project mindfully.

In 2018, she founded KIKAY / MEDIA, an independent production company rooted in innovation, integrity, collaboration, and creativity. Right now, she is in the pre-production phase for a coming-of-age (and slightly comedic) digital series. Amyra holds a BA in communication and multimedia.

Guilty pleasures include: almond butter & honey gelato, Broad City, and most recently, Muay Thai.


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