Yellow Light Archives

This photo series reflects on time, space, and movement. It’s about the split-second between stop and go—a dichotomy like yes and no. It’s yellow. And although the color symbolizes an uncertainty, the hope of a maybe still exists. Shot on Kodak Portra 800.


High Tide, San Francisco, 2018


Late to Neverland, San Francisco 2018


Ganja Daze, San Francisco, 2018


Between the Lines, San Francisco, 2018


Top of the Mourning, San Francisco, 2018

xxmm: dvlpd

In an attempt to resist mainstream media, xxmm: dvlpd showcases Mother Nature’s impact on socio-political awareness. The photo series and accompanying thesis were presented at Project Censored‘s Media Freedom Summit 2.0 conference, where Amyra participated as a panelist and talked about concepts like cultural hegemony and eco-media. (Read the full essay here).

In Jeopardy

Stuck in Jeopardy, New York, 2018

Built in Vain, New York, 2018

siri, what happens after 5 p.m.?

Anti-Pilot Campaign, New York, 2018

to fix the 50 states

Last Call, New York, 2018

Forgotten Space, New York, 2018

Us, New York, 2018