AK (2020)

A short compilation of produced/written and edited work for The Filipino Channel and some Kikay Media.


between the lines (2020)


Hella Eats

A digital series that highlights good eats, Bay Area restaurants, and their stories. [Producer/Director/Editor]


Rooted in Unity (2018)

Oakland youth heal transgenerational trauma through art activism and community building. [Producer/Cinematographer/Editor]

Adobo Nation | Bayanihan Spirit

Elected officials hosted a community feed for the city of Daly City and its residents on Mother’s Day. [Producer/Reporter: Rommel Conclara | Director/DP: Jeremiah Ysip | Editor: Amyra Soriano]

SAMMAY – BLOOD (Behind the Scenes)

Bay Area artist Sammay Dizon gives a sneak peek into the making of her latest music video, BLOOD. [Cinematographer/Editor]


Filipinx Americans marched in solidarity with their Black brothers and sisters in San Francisco. [Producer/Reporter: Rommel Conclara | Director/DP: Jeremiah Ysip | Editor: Amyra Soriano]


Adobo Bites | Baybayin

Kristian Kabuay dives into his latest work that interweaves Baybayin art, culture, and technology. [Producer/Editor: Amyra Soriano | Director/DP: Jeremiah Ysip | Mav De Castro]

Adobo Nation | Embodiment + Healing

Wellness and health go deeper than just your daily jog around the neighborhood. It’s a balance of the mind, body, and spirit — and that’s what embodiment and dance can bring us. [Producer/Writer/Editor]

Adobo Nation | Meta Sarmiento x “Fake Friends”

From Guam to the States, artist and educator Meta Sarmiento wanted one thing: to spit straight fire. His journey as an emcee evolved from joining poetry jams in high school to making it as a top finisher at the 2018 World Underground MC Tournament. [Producer/Writer/Editor]

Adobo Nation | Jeppy Paraiso x Tita Che

Sassy, fun, and everything Louis Vuitton. That’s Tita Che. Jeppy Paraiso opens up about how being Filipino influences his jokes as everyone’s favorite tita. [Producer/Writer/Editor]

Adobo Nation | Laugh with Jenna

Laughing makes our cheeks and tummies hurt in a good way. But did you know it can also boost immunity and spark creativity? Jenna Pascual shares with us the gift of laughter. [Producer/Writer/Editor]