Last call for life

It’s been rumored that a taste from the fountain of youthful ignorance may cause false invincibility.

It’s true; it does. I dreamt dreams by day and fought demons at night to the point of self-defeat. My soul became unwantedly silenced by my own narcissistic lips.

November 10, 2012: Five years from now, I don’t want to drink watered down Starbucks while driving the same broke-down Celica through Mission Boulevard to work where I’ll be rolling eyes for eight hours straight. Then, come home to a place that’s fallen apart, sleep in fetal position for at least five hours, and psyche myself for the next auto-piloted day.


I want to learn something new everyday, go to places I’ve never been, and run towards the sun.

A small piece of who used to be a passionate and a bit overly optimistic catch drifted away to what is almost a memoir. But I’m still turning the pages — mostly forward.